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Gwyn's birthday - cake, beds behind - all made by the children with help from the designer for the first production, Andrea Davies

Poster for The Snow Spider adapted and directed by Janys Chambers as a Play for 100 Children

Arianwen the Snow Spider

Alison Pitt's design for Snow Spider webs for the children to make for the second production

Gwyn's eccentric Nain

Louie Ingham MD for the first production with the young orchestra

Gwyn sits in front of the memory of his younger self - the night his sister went missing

Gwyn and Eirlys the girl who resembles his sister. Notice the lovely sheep on the bedspread and the wallpaper - all made by the children

Some of the violinists

A ghostly ship sails past the dining table

Alison Pitt's design for the ghostly ship to be made by the children for the second production

One of the singers

Our percussion specialist Kevin with one of the drummers in the first production

Nain reads the Mabinogion

Design for the snow falling

Nain unaware of the scary forces of Efnisen come to wreck her house

Arianwen the Snow Spider battles with Efnisien

Bowing to the power of the evil Efnisien

The cast with Jenny Nimmo author of The Snow Spider

The full company onstage

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