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Janys Chambers




I originally trained as an actor by doing a degree in Drama/English Literature at Hull University followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Acting at Webber Douglas, then had a hugely busy career as a performer for many years, working in television, radio, and theatre all over the UK (see credits below) - as well as writing and directing.  In 2007, after my last job, a lovely six month long UK tour, I decided to take a break from acting and concentrate on writing and directing  


But I miss acting.  So, this autumn, I might start doing a bit again.  Watch this space

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(Click on this link for a collection of images from my acting career)


Derby Playhouse


Julie in Lives Worth Living

Delia/Joanne in Living With Your Enemies

'Chambers, doubling passionately as the younger 1940's edition of Elizabeth Kelly's Delia, is the chief factor in bringing unity to the collection of co-incidences circumstances Craze has created in the play' The Guardian

'A good cast. I particularly like Janys Chambers as the young Delia, who also gave a nice contrast as the daughter Joanne. Her scenes were the best in the play' Derby Express

Gateway Theatre Chester 


​Mary In It's A Girl

'Nominated Best Musical TMA Awards'


Prima Donna in The Ugly Duckling


Venticella in Amadeus

'The two Venticelli are played superbly by Janys Chambers and Carloyn Nijeboer' Chester Evening Leader


Ellen in Wuthering Heights

'Rarely offstage, the key for me was Janys Chambers' playing as Ellen'  The Guardian 

'Janys Chambers makes an excellent Ellen' The Herald Post

'The unexpected star is Janys Chambers.  Her prosaic utterances are a delight'  Chester Chronicle

'Miranda Pleasance as Cathy acts everyone off the stage apart from Janys Chambers' The Standard

'Janys Chambers as Cathy's sassy servant Ellen adds depth as well as humour' Manchester Evening News

West Yorkshire Playhouse


Mary in It’s A Girl  

'Run extended'


Sister Gabriella in The Pope and The Witch


EMMA (East Midlands Mobile Arts) Theatre 


Miriam in Bert (D.H. Lawrence)


Princess in George and The Dragon


Amanda in Mr Whatnot

Library Theatre Manchester 


Wicked Step-Mother in Cinderella

'Janys Chambers makes the role as Maria the Stepmother much more understandable' than usual' The Stage    


Contact Theatre Manchester


Vizard in The Vizard


Theatre Foundry

Lady Macbeth in Macbeth

'This tale of blood and treachery proved to be a a tour de force - Lady Macbeth (Janys Chambers) is played with great conviction' Express and Star


Birmingham Rep 


Ruby in On The Plastic

'Performed with panache' OnStage


Virginia in Travelling Light


Dr Foster's Travelling Theatre 


Elsie in Fighting For Laughs

'A movingly funny production... an absolute must for a night out' Stroud News and Journal'

Multi-faceted performances by one of the most versatile touring companies in the south west.  Their work has an appeal based on an energetic and visual presentation without being facile or insubstantial' Venue

'Particularly memorable are the scenes where Elsie, a young Lancashire lass (Janys Chambers) meets her fellow entertainers' Forest Mercury


Hannah Chaplin in Chaplin


Gypsy in The Vanishing Road


York Theatre Royal


Mrs P in These Things Do Happen

'The superb Janys Chambers opens as the stooped and hairnetted Mrs P and then takes on a range of characters' The Stage

'The playing is uniformly excellent with Janys Chambers tackling a range of roles with understatement' Yorkshire Evening Press


Show of Strength Theatre


Minna Antokoletz in The Disappeared 

It's powerful, harrowing, absolutely riveting. The actors are compelling in a show of high drama, violence and grief.  See it' Bristol Observer

'Janys Chambers and Cornelius Garrett stand out in a gutsy and versatile cast'  The Stage


Theatr Colwyn


Rita in Educating Rita

Angela In Abigail’s Party


Stevie in Stevie

'As the play progressed we saw the outstanding ability of this actress... a magnificent performance' North Wales Weekly News

Made in Wales Theatre Company 


Penelope/Calypso in The Search for Odysseus

Northampton Theatre Royal


Dora in Equus

'Janys Chambers excels as the lad's overly religious mum' Oxford Mail


Battersea Arts Centre and UK Tour

Nanny in Lear's Daughters


'Top Five Theatre, Number One' The Times

'Pick of the WeekThe Guardian

'Excellent performances' Time Out

'Five assured performances., but integral to the play and its rhythms are these two other characters, the alternative mother (Janys Chambers) and the sexually ambivalent storyteller and jester' (Hazel Maycock)... 'The Times

'The scene in in which  Nanny (a sensitive portrayal by Janys Chambers) tells the Fool a version of the Pied Piper is compelling. Janys holds her own throughout despite stiff competition' Battersea Advertiser

'Particularly good is the Nanny (Janys Chambers)' The Stage

Knee High 

Witch/Queen in The Tinder Box

'Kneehigh has reached a new level of achievement with its production of The Tinderbox' The Guardian

'Innovative and irresistible' Western Morning News

'Unforgettable performances' Okehampton Times

'The children's complete involvement in the play is a tribute to the versatility and athleticism of the actors ' The Times Ed Supplement

'Giles King and Janys Chambers are outrageous as the King and Queen' West Briton and Cornwall Gazette

'The King (Giles King) and Queen (Janys Chambers) are a mirth-bringing comedy pair. And it would be unimaginable for any child or adult not to be captivated by the marvellous dogs portrayed so deftly by Chambers, Rosewarne and King' Cornish Guardian


New Perspectives Theatre 


Ruby in On The Plastic

'On The Plastic delighted the audience last night...we were treated to songs accompanied only by harmonies, and the stereotypes - like conventional Ruby, alias Janys Chambers, who puts something aside for a rainy day - were so very cleverly portrayed. A visit to Perspectives' latest offering is recommended'  The Leicester Mercury

Theatre Centre/Year-long Tour UK, Canada and the USA


‘Boy’ in Getting Through


Simp in Peacemaker

'The winner of the day at the Children's International Festival (in Toronto) was Theatre Centre's Peacemaker' The Globe and Mail, Toronto


Action Transport Theatre


Snow Queen in The Snow Queen

'Janys Chambers is a spine-chilling Snow Queen, and doubles with a delightful cameo as Robber Queen' The Stage

Keeper in Scratches in Earth


Dukes Playhouse Lancaster


Aunt Polly in Tom Sawyer (Park show)


Elizabeth In The Bomb

'Top Five Theatre, Number One' The Times

Pick of the Week' The Guardian'Pick of the Week' The Guardian

'Janys Chambers is the taut and nervy Elizabeth, Paul Dodds the chilling IRA man.  Their meeting has a frightening intensity' The Stage

'For me the stars of the show were Janys Chambers (Elizabeth) and Abigail Hood (Marnie). They gave warm, funny and deeply moving performances' (Visitor Review Online)

'Janys Chambers' mournful Elizabeth says simply: "But he was my daddy"; that drop of frozen innocence could melt the hardest heart'  The Telegraph

Octagon Theatre/York Theatre Royal/6 month UK Tour

Ella in East Is East  

‘There is a clutch of notable performances here, particularly from Janys Chambers as Ella’ (The Guardian)

 ‘There is a commanding performance from Janys Chambers’  (British Theatre Guide) 

‘First rate performances abound, Chambers’ Ella becoming ever more the pivotal figure’  (York Evening Press)

‘Ella is the tremendous Janys Chambers’ (Bolton Evening News) 

‘Janys Chambers is excellent as the careworn, chain-smoking Ella’ (East Anglian Daily Times) 

‘Mum Ella - Janys Chambers - is a powerful presence’ (Aberdeen Post) 

‘In a stellar cast Janys Chambers shines as Ella’ (Daily Echo) 

‘There is a stellar performance from Janys Chambers. It is a lesson in how to build a character with many dimensions and deliver a performance’ (manchestertheatreonline)


Janys as the Snow Queen

Janys as the Snow Queen


Registrar in Brookside   Channel 4


Geraldine’s mum in Hetty Wainthrop Investigates   BBC TV


Mrs  McGill in Coronation Street   ITV

Eva Krecji in Rescue 999   BBC TV


Mrs Howat in Brookside   Channel 4


Harriet Huish in In Suspicious Circumstances   ITV


Rosie Nettles in Coronation Street   ITV


Sharon Bennett in Courtroom   ITV


Rosanna in Always and Everyone   ITV


Karen Dacre in Dalziel and Pascoe   BBC TV


Katie Purcell in Out of Hours   BBC TV


Christine Bullock in Coronation Street   ITV


Brenda Trotter in The Royal Today   ITV


Claris in Butterfly Collectors   ITV

The recording of Lear's Daughters


BBC Radio 4

Maggie in The Village 

Elizabeth Frankenstein in Frankenstein (Classic Serial)

Clara Dawes in Sons and Lovers (Classic Serial) 


Open University Digital Archive

Nanny in Lear’s Daughters


BBC Radio 5 

Mrs Wilson in My Dad’s a Boring Nerd


BBC Schools' Radio

Anne in The Accused


Mersey TV for BBC Radio 4

Cheryl Bennett in The Doctors

BBC Radio Leicester

Janice in The Terry Harris Show (live show, regular weekly spot for a year)

The Bomb - Abigail Hood and Janys Chambe

Abigail Hood and Janys Chambers in rehearsal for The Bomb at the Dukes Playhouse Lancaster

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