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Bryn with his dad and the dogs in Snowdonia

Bryn's sister with the farm dogs

The family move from Snowdonia

The farm dogs

Beautiful reversible set of Bryn's new hometown by the sea, made by the children with our amazing designer, Sarah Lewis

Bryn's new school

Bryn encounters the bullies from his new school

Meeting the school bullies on the beach

The bullies running into the sea to surf

Bryn doesn't know how to surf

The bullies riding a wave

Everyone joins in but Bryn

One of the gang

The surfing dance, with Bryn on the outside

Time travelling to Cantre'r Gwaelod - the Lost Kingdom

Seithennyn fights the Prince in the Lost Kingdom

Young people making trees for the play

Victory for Seithennyn

Young people the spirit of the well for the play

The Spirit of the Well erupts and floods the Kingdom

Bryn tells the Princess to run from the tsunami

Will they make it? Note the other side of the reversible set

Bryn returns to his own world

The teacher deals with the bullies

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